Factory of the future: ARPA awarded for its innovative initiative

Factory of the future: ARPA awarded for its innovative initiative

Le 8 September 2017

The global industry is undergoing deep and serious changes. Arpa takes part in this digital revolution by implementing innovative actions that will constitute the factory of tomorrow.

Due to an ever-increasing international competition, new socio-environmental stakes and digitalization, industrial players must adapt their daily operations by setting up “smart factories”. The Implementation of technologically advanced tools allows new production methods to manufacture in a shorter, cleaner and sometimes customized timeframe.

It is along those lines that French manufacturer of cooktops Arpa was invited on Tuesday, December 6th to receive the Innovation Award 4.0 at the trade fair “Convergence for the industry of the future”, in Paris Nord Villepinte. This reward was presented by Joseph Puzo, Vice-President of FIEEC (Federation of Electrical, Electronics and Communication Industries) and aims to spotlight SMEs who have adopted an innovative approach to the industry of the future by integrating electrotechnological tools into their processes, organization and solutions.

Represented by their Industrial and Production Director Cédric Fellrath, Arpa was very proud to win this prize, which rewards their willingness to be part of a movement of industrial renewal.


Arpa, as a leading player in the development and production of cooktops, emphasizes strong values of flexibility, speed and agility. These forces enable the company to perform in the face of increased competition from Asia and Eastern Europe, while maintaining its price competitiveness.

Innovation is Arpa’s core business, by launching new concept, developing news solutions while constantly reworking its products and processes. The introduction of advanced IT tools enabling all company’s departments (from the creation of the product to its billing) to be connected to a single software, has allowed them to take a major step forward, and increase efficiency at all levels. This approach, initiated for many years, is following in the footsteps of the factory of the future. The company has also relied on intelligent automation, which means automation of repetitive and binding tasks for humans, with the primary goal of eliminating all sources of waste and keeping people at heart of the system. These processes allow the firm to develop employment in France by continuous growth without relocating abroad.

These commitments are totally in line with Arpa’s core values such as ethics, serenity, and being a fun workplace. The company has always focused on human being as its primary asset, facilitating people’s career to blossom. Lean manufacturing age which has been going on for years, does not mean job destruction, but rather allows recruiting professional experts, and encourages all Arpa employees to work together constructively. By setting up flexible automated units that make it a “connected factory”, the organization boosts its performance, enabling it to gain export markets and maintain double-digit growth since its inception.

This award of Innovation 4.0 is the result of several years of work and rewards the whole team of Arpa. This innovation approach is a key issue in building customer loyalty and sustainable business.